Gilbert Gallo

Like any self-respecting aspiring superhero, Gilbert has a dual identity. During the day, he restores smiles thanks to his healing superpowers, while at night, he creates fantastic universes.

He has been writing manuals, settings, and adventures for role-playing games for many years. Among the many works in Italian language, we count Cyberpunk V3 published by Stratelibri. He works with several American publishers with whom he developed Mythos, the epic role-playing game, Olympus Inc, Buccaneer, and other titles. Always fond of comics, he also writes short stories and novels in Italian and English.

He also writes interactive stories, with which he enjoys surprising and fascinating the reader. Fate, his sworn enemy, is always trying to get in his way, but he stoically resists and counteracts it blow by blow. For some years now, he has embarked on the most incredible adventure ever: will he be a good father?

Gilbert wrote Heracles, birth of a Hero.

If mythology intrigues you, Gilbert also wrote Flight to Delphi (ITA) and The Kingdom of the Sphinx (ITA), published by Delos Books and Heroic Fantasy Italia.