What’s interactive storytelling?


Let me introduce myself: my name is Lugan, I am a wizard and I will be your tutor, my dear greenhorn adventurer.

I will now explain to you what interactive storytelling and Infinity Books are.

An Infinity Book is an interactive story in which the reader is in charge and plays the role of the story “hero”. From time to time you, as the reader, will make important choices that will change the course of events and affect the story’s outcomes.

In a few words, you will be the story’s main character. You will face (many) adversities and your (wise) choices will allow you to successfully reach one of the (happy) endings.

You can read the story again and again. Every time you can make different choices that will allow you to explore new possibilities, face new threats, make new friends and eventually reach different endings!

You probably played old-school pen and paper gamebooks. Those were cool, but Infinity Books have LOTS of more options: countdown choices, touch minigames, ambient music and many more features that define the next-gen of interactive storytelling.

Think about the endless possibilities of this kind of story: it could be used not only for fun, but also for teaching purposes, brand positioning, tutorials and much more! That’s why we call them Infinity Books!

But let's not get lost in chitchat, I am ready to show you what I’m talking about: right now, right here on this website.

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