Ivan Braidi

A restless spirit always in search of freedom, exploration and knowledge, since childhood he has been fascinated by mystery, narration and books, magical objects that open the doors to infinite unknown worlds. Hidden and forgotten places, all to be discovered.

After twenty years of career in IT he leaves the role of CTO and changes his life, dedicating himself to writing and game design, with particular attention to interactive, emotional and experiential storytelling.

Under the Earth is his debut story and was born as an interesting experiment: it tells the story of a precise moment of Alone in the Darkness, the first interactive novel in the Arkham Legacy series, written together with his lifelong friend Marco Mancini and close to publication.

Reading Under the Earth and Alone in the Darkness, both self-conclusive, you will have the complete picture of the events and you will have fun to catch all the cross-references.

Published Infinity Books :

  • Under the Earth