More trouble

So you made it out of the monster's lair slamming the door behind you with a mighty ***thud***, but...

You turn around only to realize you are in a room similar to the previous one: a perfect cube with black marble walls 5 meters high, maniacally polished.

In front of you two fully armed Demicorp agents have you in their sights.

You slide your arm behind you searching for the door knob, maybe it would be better to face the Belafus(yum!), but you realize that door has disappeared!

There's only one other door in this place. Do you know where it is?

That's right, behind those two Demicorp agents who, I guess, aren't very keen on letting you through.

At least that's what the two machine guns pointed at you suggest.

So, what's your next move?

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You can meet Demicorp agents in the free demo Anima. Download it now to experience an Infinity Book!